Cross Chain Interoperability

Cross Chain Interoperability

Goal Statement

Make features present on Cherry Network accessible from other networks.

Measure of Progress

Interoperability is measured by the number of different networks that can interact with Cherry Network, and the degree of interaction:

  1. Trusted Oracle: interaction between chains is intermediate by a trusted entity pulling data from one chain and pushing it to the other.
  2. Trustless Oracle: as above, oracle agency is placed in automated means with limited trust.
  3. Module Integration: deploy relevant Cherry features as autonomous or integrated modules on external chains (only possible in layer 0 architectures e.g. Parachains on Polkadot, Subnets on Avalanche)

Goal Motivation

The Cherry team and community are developing features useful for developers and users across the web3 space. However, they mostly built natively to the Cherry Network. We aim to expand access to these features to users of other networks such as Ethereum which are more used and more secure than Cherry Network.