Week 90

Week 90

What’s on Our Mind?

The Cherry Network core team is still adjusting its strategy to the developing macroeconomic dynamics. We believe our strategy and leadership will shine in these uncertain times and succeed where many others will fail.

~Herman P Jacobs a.k.a Seraphim

Last Week’s Accomplishments:

The Network’s production Nominated Proof of Stake consensus algorithm went live.

This Week’s Commitments:

Core direction is clear. Reaffirm commitment to Ecosystem growth and supporting our partners.


  • EVM Parachain architecture in development
  • Node compilation optimizations
  • DAO forum in private testing
  • Interoperability consensus channel enabled
  • File system firmware compatibility extension
  • Separate supply and demand storage econometrics
  • Ink! Documentation v0.1
  • Knowledge base launch


  • Spherelink launched their liquid staking facility to ease participation in the Cherry Network mainnet’s consensus system directly from BNB Chain
  • Hemingway suspended
  • Unigate begins b2c dev sprint
  • Peerage design begins
  • Spherelink brand refresh

Human Resources

Hiring freeze suspended. Promotion and salary increase freeze endure.

Partners & Exchanges

Listing on LAToken