Week 88

Week 88

What’s on Our Mind?

We launched our Cherry Network mainnet and began releasing the tooling necessary to leverage Cherry Network to its full potential. No issues were encountered so far, but the team will continue to monitor the Network attentively. The economy, broadly, and crypto, specifically, appear to be collapsing. Our management is brainstorming ideas to reduce costs and adapt our strategy to endure this downturn.

~Herman P Jacobs a.k.a Seraphim

Last Week’s Accomplishments:

The Cherry Network mainnet is online.

This Week’s Commitments:

Continue to support the network and its users in these early days. Monitor its activity, and respond to bugs.



Cherry Network Mainnet launched.

  • Bridge launched
  • Cherry Network Blockchain Interface launched
  • Expand Validator set to 5
  • Further monitoring and telemetry
  • Bug bounty launch
  • Core node infrastructure DevOps upgrade
  • Cherry Network DAO launch
  • Update documentation
  • Stake-from-EVM facility


Existing Ecosystem
  • Cherish v0.1.0-alpha development resumes.
  • Portfolio manager close to public release.
  • Spherelink rebrand close to public release.

Shifting focus on uncorrelated, revenue-generating models in light of general downturn.

Existing Ecosystem
  • Cherish v0.1.0-alpha development resumes.
  • Unigate due to for major upgrade post mainnet.
  • Original Factory soft launch

News & Media

Plenty of press on the Cherry Network. Refer to the previous diary entry.

Continue mainnet impetus.

Human Resources

Temporary hiring freeze