Week 87

Week 87

What’s on Our Mind?

Tuesday, June 14, 2022, on this 87th week since the inception of our project, the Cherry Network mainnet was released. We have achieved so much in the months since Cherry’s foundation, and the release of its mainnet gives new meaning to our team’s tireless efforts. And yet we are only beginning…

~Herman P Jacobs a.k.a Seraphim

Last Week’s Accomplishments:

The Cherry Network was one last time thoroughly tested.

This Week’s Commitments:

We release the Cherry Network Mainnet, relative tooling, and documentation.



Testing, testing, testing!

  • Bridge testing
  • Stake from EVM
  • Monitor the live network
  • Increase the validator set
  • Distribute Governance Tokens
  • Activate Bridge
  • Stake from EVM



We have explored applications of payments within the Cherry Network

New Entries
  • Art royalties crowd investment platform. Early-stage.
Existing Ecosystem
  • Unigate acquires a new large client
  • Cherish artist onboarding continues
  • Spherelink final stages pre launch
  • Original Factory final stages pre launch

Interviewing logistics SaaS (2).

Existing Ecosystem
  • Original Factory release.
  • Unigate due to for major upgrade.

News & Media

Media and community engagement around the Cherry Mainnet launch.

The Cherry Network Mainnet is live. And this is an achievement to be celebrated publicly. Further PR and media engagements on this topic are expected this week.