Week 86

Week 86

What’s on Our Mind?

One week from now the Cherry Network mainnet will drop. This is an exciting time for our project and the entire team is dedicated to making this release as smooth as possible. Its success, however, also depends on you! Test our software, tell your friends, or simply cheer us on. Together, we will shape a brighter future for web3.

~Herman P Jacobs a.k.a Seraphim

Last Week’s Accomplishments:

All of our year-long efforts are coming together. To give our community and collaborators the utmost visibility we released our public accountability dashboard.

This Week’s Commitments:

We are happy with the state of the project and its ecosystem. We now need to put it all together in these pivotal next few weeks.


  • Re-envision Cherry Network as a Layer 0
  • Hard and soft fork testing
  • Bridge testing
  • Cherry UI recurring proposals
  • General testing suite
  • Validator set activation
  • Bridge release
  • Update documentation
  • Stake-from-EVM facility



This week we explored partnerships with 4 startups looking to leverage blockchain and in particular NFTs on Cherry Network to enhance the music industry. At least one is already backed by a preminent record label. We will pursue conversations with at least 2.

New Entries
  • Decentralized portfolio manager. Rapid turnaround expected. Small Cherry Labs support grant issued. DApp launch in or around mainnet launch.
  • Markdown to HTML no code website builder for javascript free Tor / IPFS compatible websites. Spherelink initiative.
Existing Ecosystem

All ecosystem projects are waiting to integrate with the mainnet once it’s released. The Core team is assisting with varying issues.


Areas of interest are shifting to Payments and Privacy. In particular, we are exploring zkSNARKs applications in both denomination-based anonymous on-chain payments and zkRollups.

Existing Ecosystem
  • Continue testing integrations.
  • Unigate due to for major upgrade post mainnet.

News & Media

We are ramping up efforts with media partners and KoLs in the promotion of Cherry Network’s launch and its ecosystem. Many and varied stakeholders involved.

Further activate community and investors. Aim for multiple publications in tier 3+ media outlets. Mainnet release PR. Promotions.