Week 116

Week 116

What’s on Our Mind?

Happy new year!

Looking back on 2022, besides the gloomy headlines and unkind markets, we remember a period of building and innovation. Cherry has launched its testnet, mainnet, and now it's a layer-zero blockchain platform unlike any other. Beyond Cherry, we've seen a shift in our entire industry toward more value-driven, serious development from which the next wave of revolutionary products will be borne.

It's been a pleasure to share this year with you all. Cherry would not be what it is without its team and community.

In particular, we want to recognize Eoghan, Diego, Marv, John, Lup, Bobby, Theo, Fotis, Vin, Uno, Gyloh, Andrei, Md, Elias, Marge, Armoniel, and the other Cherry Network, Cherry Labs, and affiliated projects team members who work tirelessly in front of and behind the scenes enduring the headaches and sleepless nights of our demanding work environment to further the Cherry Vision. Many of you could give into the stress, go work for our better-funded competitors, or, frankly, retire - and yet you don't, strong in our shared belief that the Cherry mission is fundamentally meaningful and good.

Romeo, Buer, and I wish you all the merriest Christmas. We look forward to a 2023 full of surprises and challenges, which we will meet with renewed enthusiasm and dedication, knowing we can count on the support of our friends, colleagues, and community to make our dreams a reality.

Happy Holidays,

~The Cherry Network Founders

Last Week’s Accomplishments:

After a grueling year the team took some rest. The founders brainstormed on our plans for 2023. We look forward to a very promising year.

This Week’s Commitments:

Some issues were identified with the Cherry Network blockchain interface since our network upgrade. We will fix these.


  • Support mainnet upgrade
  • Fix outstanding cherry.place issues
  • Add ecosystem tracking section to Cherry Network Track


  • Cherish development approaches launch
  • Memento social release