Week 113

Week 113

What’s on Our Mind?

We keep monitoring the space and broader market. The situation that arose from FTX appears to have stabilized. We are not confident in the state of other industry players, and we are ready to react to protect our project’s resources, staff, and treasury. Nevertheless, one thing remains constant despite changing circumstances: we are committed to developing best-in-class distributed software. Our upcoming layer zero mainnet launch performed in record time is a testament to this skill and dedication.

~Herman P Jacobs a.k.a Seraphim

Last Week’s Accomplishments:

Cherry treasury secured. Final tweaks to the Cherry Network upgrade codebase ahead of mainnet launch expected soon.

This Week’s Commitments:

Layer zero mainnet upgrade deployment


  • Testnet stress test bounty conducted with great success with hundreds of entries
  • No major issue identified but fixes performed
  • Final codebase tweaks
  • Blockchain interface upgrade


  • Cherish technology expanded
  • Original Factory releases new collection
  • Cherish team expanded
  • Prepare Cherish for QA phase