Week 110

Week 110

What’s on Our Mind?

The Core team is is gearing up for the largest network upgrade since our mainnet release earlier this year. We will involve our community to help test the code that’s been deployed on testnet now for several weeks. We remain resolute in building when others despair and quit.

~Herman P Jacobs a.k.a Seraphim

Last Week’s Accomplishments:

We have closely analyzed the FTX debacle. We are composing a blog detailing our thoughts. We have secured the Cherry Treasury, which was only secondarily exposed to the recent negative events. Development continues.

This Week’s Commitments:

Despite the turmoil caused by the lethal combination of changing macroeconomic conditions, indulgent corporate governance, and perhaps outright fraud, we continue building. We will launch a bounty in honor of our accomplishments thus far and perform the last bit of stress test on the Cherry Network relay chain codebase presently deployed on the testnet.


  • Indexer launch
  • Last minute layer zero upgrade testnet fixes
  • Testnet stress test community bounty


  • Cherish v1 development nearing completion
  • Undisclosed partner (very large) scales commitment to Cherry

The Ecosystem growth conversations in recent weeks are still largely monopolized by the relationships established both with crypto and non-crypto actors at Websummit. Interest is high, and team will drive these leads home.


Team shifts ample treasury reserves away from centralized counterparties to more secure, conservative assets.